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Small Support Make The Change

Name: Lila Mondol

Father’s Name: Late. Gones Lal Mondol
Mother’s Name: Bithika Mondol
Vill- Banda, P.S.- Dumuria, Dist.- Khulna
ID No. - 018

Subject : Medicine support proving purpose to ID No. - 018 clients.

Priya Mondol is one of our targeted clients aged 14 years who is mainly underprivileged children of chetona project. She has been infected by HIV. Her father has passed away. This orphan child was staying with her mother at her mother’s brother. Priya mondol and her mother is the member of MAB. They both were receiving services from MAB office and maintain regular contact with MAB office. She was living under a great poverty. HIV virus was detected in the blood test of priya modol dated 08th may, 2006. Her birth in place was in India and when her father died in India, and then she left from India with her mother and come in Bangladesh in her grandfather. She was studying in her uncle’s house. She attended in the JSC examination in 2014 and unfortunately she did not pass in Mathematics subject. As a result she was very much tensed regarding this issue. She was thinking that her uncle was helping herself for continuing her studying and scholastic affairs, but she did not pass in exam, it will be a very much unpleasant matter for her uncle. So, she was moving in a great frustration taking this issue.

In these circumstances, she followed that someone has kept a box of acid added poison for proving in the pond for washing the pond’s water. In this connection, in 30.12.2014 at 04.10 p.m. she took that acid added poison and tried to suicide thinking about the releasing task from frustration. She was taken to Dumuria Upazila Heath Complex for immediate treatment by her family members. In that place, doctor did not acknowledge to provide her treatment, since it was a serious case by their opinion and for safety measures they referred herself to Khulna Medical College. After that her family members contacted with the social worker named Md.Shahaidul Islam of chetona project of MAB. They shared the total summary of the occurred affair through mobile phone with Project office and case supervisor alone with the social worker. They requested to ensure quick treatment of that child remaining with them to the social worker and concerned officials. Social worker, Md.Shahidul Islam communicated with them immediately to go this child home and on the way he meet with them on the road and hurriedly she was taken in the emergency department of Khulna medical and admitted to her in the medical. After diagnosing her there, doctor prescribed some medicine and social worker purchased those immediately in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and quickly this child’s treatment was started. In the hospital the social worker provides counseling to them and helped their family besides them until the whole night. After the discussion with the project staffs, the project officer decided to organize courtyard meeting and sensitization event in the house of this child. In 01.01.2015, the case supervisor recommended to the project officer, Twaha Ruaim Haque for taking further assistance for this child after the primary vulnerability assessment and complete evaluation and verification.

In 20.01.2015, Twaha Ruaim Haque, Project Officer visited this child house and he observed that this child is not getting her proper medical treatment. Those medicines were provided herself had already been finished. He was instructed this child’s family to contact with outdoor of Khulna medical college and hospital hurriedly and took the suggestion of the doctor for treatment. He suggested them to contact with MAB office staff Khulna. Their family member contacted with the case supervisor in 26.01.2015. Case Supervisor referred them to Khulna medical college and hospital alone with social worker. Social worker communicated with Dr. Sangoy Kumar Biswas (Dept. of Medicine of outdoor) and he prescribed some medicines. According to the prescription, the social worker purchased one medicine for one month and another for 15 days. Although the medicine had been given for 15 days , it should be continued 2 months period. Case supervisor gave counseling to the infected child to MAB office and suggested her to take medicine regularly. Alone with counseling the child, case supervisor is counseling her uncle’s also.