Vision-Mission-Goal-Core Values of Mukto Akash...

MAB looks for a socio-economically improved environment for people living with and affected by HIV & AIDS where there rights are recognized and upheld.

MAB works toward empowering people infected & affected by HIV & AIDS in Bangladesh to take better control of their social & economic lives through supporting group formation as a source of moral support and ensuring their participation in development activities.

To promote the overall wellbeing of people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS through provision of treatment, care and support services while challenging stigma and discrimination.

Core Values
MAB has defined its values that would guide the organization in pursuing its mission. These are the underlying principles and beliefs that would direct staff in carrying out MAB’s activities.
• Integrity and Diversity
• Non stigmatization and non-discrimination
• Transparency and accountability
• Learning agility
• Equality and equity