Current Projects of Mukto Akash...

Comprehensive care and protection for children of sex workers and children infected/affected by HIV/AIDs (CHETONA)
Chetona project is implementing by MAB for strengthen national and community child protection systems to increase care and protection for 124 CABA and ChSWs and general children . This project has been funding by Save the Children Australia since February’13. MAB is implementing this project in Khulna division and providing support to protect children by providing them different types of training like child training, caregivers training, district level advocacy meeting on Child rights and protection, formed child protection committee in the local and city corporation areas associating with CABA, adolescent group, mothers group, multi-institutional working group and providing better services through referral linkage . We have organized Birth registration camp and immunization camp by the support of this project to make sure birth registration of the children.

Link Up: Better Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) to empower and educate on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights
MAB is implementing the project titled “Link Up: Better Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) to empower and educate on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights including Family Planning and HIV issues to the Young People living with Infected and affected by HIV in Dhaka & Khulna divisions. This project is supported by International Alliance Ukrane. Target population is affected and infected HIV/AIDS and total target is 400.MAB is providing Peer Education, Leadership development and Life Skills training ,Clinical & psycho-social support like counseling, provide messages on SRHR to the beneficiaries through one to one contact. MAB has developed Youth Key People Platform with other organizations. MAB link up project is providing support to its beneficiaries through two centers which are Dhaka, Khulna.

Safe Migration for Bangladeshi worker supported by BRAC:
MAB is implementing safe migration program with the support of BRAC for increasing awareness on migration, reducing dependability on middleman and management of remittance for rural and urban people from August’14. After successful completion of the first phase, BRAC has extended this project till 31th May, 2016. Under this project, MAB has established an information center for disseminating information about safe migration; organize migration forum meeting, tea stall video show and meeting, pre-decision orientation and miking in Khulna division.

Comprehensive Care Support and Treatment of PLHIV, SP # 09&11, CST-2, NASP control program, funded by: HPNSDP
MAB is implementing the project titled “Comprehensive Care Support and Treatment of PLHIV, SP # 09&11, CST-2, NASP control program, funded by HPNSDP/WB for providing comprehensive care, support and treatment services to 325 people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIVs) and Injecting drug users living with HIV/AIDS (ILWHAs) and also providing HIV testing and counseling (HTC) services to the 2100 key affected population (KAP) and general population in Bangladesh. This project is implementing through GO/NGO collaboration. There are 05 HTC/CSTC in this package among them 03 have established in government e and other 02 have established in NGO set up. The GOB service centre established in Khulna Medical College and Hospital (KMCH), Khulna, Sher-e-Bangla Medical College and Hospital, Barisal, Sham Nagar Upazila Health Complex, Satkhira and the NGO service centre established in MAB’s Dhaka HQ and Khulna divisional office. The major activities of this project are care support and treatment, HIV testing and Counseling (HTC), providing ARV drug, ARV counseling, Peer counseling, outreach activity, referral for TB screening and provide TB drugs, CD4 counting, viral load counting, other clinical test, OIs management, nutritional support, PMTCT services, training, advocacy, IEC/BCC and health system strengthening of GOB.

Expanding Provision of Essential Harm Reduction for Injecting Drug Users (IDUs)GFATM, RCC, Phase-II, GF#906
Mukto Akash Bangladesh is implementing the program of Expanding Essential harm reduction services for the betterment of injecting drug users who are living with HIV/AIDS(ILWHA) . The main objective of the project is to provide essential care and support & humanitarian services to IDU who are HIV positive. The main activities of the project are: Conduct counseling for ILWHAs through home visit (individual/family counseling), Provide opportunistic infections management services for ILWHAs, Provide Nutritional Support to ILWHAs, Rescue & referral and funeral support, hospitalization of ILWHAs and Psychosocial Members Meeting. A total 354 ILWHAs have been listed as member of MAB and total 264 alive members are getting services under RCC, phase 2 project.

Expanding Provision of Essential Harm Reduction for Injecting Drug Users (IDUs)GFATM, RCC, Phase-II, GF#907
Under Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC) project named"Expanding Provision of Essential Harm Reduction for Injecting Drug Users (IDUs), GFATM, RCC, Phase-II", the package # 907 has started its new operation through CARE Bangladesh consortium, where MAB has been working as consortium partner and operating 9 DICs since July 2013. MAB provided its services to IDUs through 9 DICs named Satrang-Tongi,Earshadnagar DIC, Mawna DIC under Gazipur district, Jatrabari DIC and Shampur DIC under Dhaka district, Chanpara DIC under Narayanngonj District, Mymensingh DIC and Muktagacha DIC under Mymensingh district and Narsingdi DIC under Narsingdi district. Through implementing this project health status of IDUs are being improved and risk of getting HIV being reduced through syringe needle exchange program, BCC, condom promotion, STI and general health & abscess management, detoxification, referral services of TB/Hep-C, HTC, peer training, vocational training etc. Through District level advocacy and Local level advocacy meeting/workshop enabling environment are being created to operate DICs and field activity in projects sites. Injecting drug users are being motivated for HTC & detoxification and trying to return normal life through health education and counseling. They are happy to get required service from DICs. MAB is committed to continue these support also trust it will be increased day by day to keep low prevalence of HIV among IDUs and general people who are attaching with risky behaviors.

Intervention for Health and Social Wellbeing of the Children Infected and Affected by AIDS (CABA)
A partnership initiative of Mukto Akash Bangladesh and Asher Alo Society which is funded by UNICEF Bangladesh started from 15th may 2015 to 15th December 2016.This project goal is to ensure health and social improvement of the children who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Total target is to serve 300 CABA children. The major activities of this project are as follows
• To develop the capacity of the mother/caregiver of CABA by improving their knowledge and skill on psychosocial counseling, care giving and other social to their children.
• To improve access to health to health and related services and ensure testing for CABA.
• To create enabling environment through advocacy, networking.
• To improved social support through direct service and referral service